Let's. Get. Happy

Join Princess Poppy’s happiness movement and help us #trollforgood!

The Trolls are back - and this time they’ve joined forces with Baskin-Robbins and Beyond Blue to spread messages of kindness and positivity online.

How to get involved

Baskin-Robbins will donate $1 to Beyond Blue every time you…

  • Troll your treat.

    Head instore and trade up your cup or cone for a limited edition Troll-themed creation.

  • Troll a friend.

    Spread good vibes by shouting someone a Trolled Treat online.

  • Troll for good.

    Compliment a friend on Twitter or Insta using #trollforgood

Troll Your Treat

Upgrade your cup or cone to a joy-inducing Troll-themed creation. Instore now!

Troll a friend with kindness

Know someone in need of a happiness jumpstart?

Shout someone a Trolled treat online for just $5 - and Princess Poppy will send them a free scoop and message of positivity.

Our happiness pledge

We’re changing the mood of the internet one post at a time.

Every time you tweet or post a compliment to a friend on Twitter or Insta using #trollforgood Baskin-Robbins will donate $1 to Beyond Blue*